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  Quality Policy
  Leo Primecomp Private Limited is committed to,

Manufacture machined and Turned Precision Quality Components that satisfy Customer needs consistently and achieve customer satisfaction by way of Continual Improvement of the processes.
  Quality Objectives
Enhance customer satisfaction level consistently.
Reduce Internal Rejection – Scrap and Rework consistently.
Increase supplier performance level as a continual basis.
Continual improvement of Processes and their performance.
Improper OEE of production machines consistently.
Enhance competencies at all levels through training and development.
Reduce breakdown of critical machine consistently.
Improve customer delivery schedule adherence consistently.
  Environmental Policy
  As a responsible corporate citizen, LEO is committed to the cause of conservation of the environment and has made environmental protection a priority through:
Continually improving environmental performance of our processes & products and ensuring prevention of pollution at each stage.
Strictly complying with the applicable environmental legislations & standards.
Ensuring effective use of resources in the areas of energy, fuels, oils, Iron Materials, chemicals, water, etc.
Reducing and recycling waste and packaging materials.
Encouraging the usage of environment-friendly technologies to aid elimination of hazardous materials.
Promoting the cause of environmental preservation amongst employees & other stakeholders by inculcating sensitivity to the environmental concerns.
  We shall communicate this policy to all our employees and would make it available to all interested parties and general public.
  Safety Policy
  As a good corporate citizen, LEO group is committed to Safety & Health of its employees and concerned persons who may be affected by its operation.
  To achieve this commitment, it is our policy to:
Integrate Safety & Health measures in all our activities.
Comply with all applicable legal and other requirements to which the Organization subscribes.
Promote Safety & Health awareness amongst employees, suppliers and contractors, customers and dealers.
Continually improve the Safety performance through precautions besides participation and training of all employees.
The Safety policy shall be communicated to all employees and made available to all interested parties and to the public.